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As a steady stream of information comes out regarding the fast approaching Sonic the Hedgehog book, I have been expanding the website beyond just a blog to include various comic resources. Below is a synopsis of the various other resources on which we are working!

  • Characters Guide: A brief profile of each character of note that appears in the IDW Sonic world. Right now the profiles are a bit bare, but will grow as the comics flesh out the characters!
  • Timeline: Once the first issue is revealed and the world begins to be built, we will be keeping a chronological record of events for reference!
  • Cover Gallery: Want to peruse the great cover artwork or work out what variants you might be missing from your collection? Right now we are missing many of the covers as well as the finished art for most. We have posted the best images we have available and will continue to update them as hi-res complete images become available!
  • Release Calendar: An up to date list of all future releases of IDW Sonic related merchandise. A great resource for collectors to ensure they do not miss any rare or limited products!

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