Get to Know Editor Joe Hughes

This Friday IDW posted the first in a series of interviews with IDW editors in attempts to better acquaint fans with the people who will be directing the hotly anticipated new Sonic the Hedgehog ongoing series. The first to be introduced was none other than Joe Hughes. Joe joined the IDW team last year after working as the editor-in-chief of the the Comics Alliance website. Before that he was an editor for DC’s Vertigo imprint and managed the well-known comic shop, Forbidden Planet.

The interview, which can be seen in full here, delves into his history with the blue blur and his passion for comic books in general. Like previous press releases, he emphasizes what a overwhelming positive experience he has had with the Sonic community, noting his amazement and admiration at the fan response to the things they have been putting out so far, like Tangle and Nathalie Fourdraine’s cover art.

I continue to be highly encouraged by the involvement and openness of the staff at IDW and the obvious efforts they are going to in order to ingratiate themselves with the fanbase.  It certainly has not gone unnoticed and it just serves to strengthen the community even further ahead of the April release!

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