Issue #3 Cover Revealed in Previews!

With the physical copy of the Diamond Previews February catalog finally released, we have our first look at one of issue #3’s covers. I speculated that they were withholding it in order not to reveal the new villains, Rough and Tumble, but it seems they found a work around! They have released yet another alternate cover by Nathalie Fourdraine, who is doing an alternate cover for all four issues coming in April.  The cover features old rivals, Sonic & Knuckles racing up a canyon wall while Tails cheers them on from below.

In addition, the catalog reveals covers, synopses, and information that I previously reported on in my April Previews Rundown . Furthermore, it has been confirmed that the main covers by Tyson Hesse will connect to make one huge illustration!

Hopefully, IDW will begin teasing Rough and Tumble in the near future as well as release a higher resolution image of issue #3’s cover! From what I have seen, I really like Nathalie’s lineless art style and look forward to seeing what her issue #4 cover looks like!

You can get your own copy of the Previews Catalog by Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc. at your local comic shop!


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