Issue #2 Covers Revealed!

The IDW Sonic Comic Squad Facebook group has once again delivered, revealing not one, but two of the alternate covers of issue #2! As Entertainment Weekly divulged in their article yesterday, each of the first 4 issues will feature one of Sonic’s classic allies! While it seems issue #1 will feature Sonic’s buddy Tails, #2 will feature his biggest admirer, Amy Rose!

One of the covers (#2 RI-A) will be illustrated by Nathalie Fourdraine, featuring Amy Rose smashing some Badniks with her signature Piko Piko Hammer in one of the ubiquitous Casino Zones along with her friends Sonic and Tails. While the other alternate cover (#2B) will feature the art of Adam Bryce Thomas displaying Sonic and Amy Rose as they defend various villagers surrounded by Eggman’s forces. Several of the villagers can be seen, including what may be a male and female Echidna, a pink sheep-like female, and two other indeterminable characters.

The first two slots have been confirmed! Tails and Amy Rose will be back in action alongside the Blue Blur! Who will fill the last two slots? It is certain one will be Knuckles, but who will the other be? Could it be the character they have been teasing to be revealed today or another classic like Shadow? We will soon find out! But that is not all! Stay tuned, because the first official solicitation has been released today with more information!

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