Nathalie Fourdraine Alt Cover Revealed!

Entertainment Weekly released an exclusive article with new details regarding IDW’s April 4th release, including a new alternative cover for issue #1 featuring the artwork of Nathalie Fourdraine!

Entertainment Weekly revealed the following tidbits today in their article, New Sonic the Hedgehog Comics Coming in April:

IDW’s first ongoing Sonic the Hedgehog comic will debut in April. To celebrate the big kickoff, four whole issues will come out that month, one per week. The series will be written by Ian Flynn, and the first issue will be illustrated by fan-favorite artist Tracy Yardley; check out Yardley’s cover for the issue exclusively above. Each of the next three issues will feature a different artist, and then rotating art teams will take over once the book goes monthly. Each of the first four issues also will feature one of Sonic’s classic allies — first up is Miles “Tails” Prower. But this won’t just be a nostalgia trip; the series is introducing new characters to the Sonic canon.

Short and sweet, but nonetheless packed with some interesting details, the article reveals the following tidbits:

  1. Each of the initial 4 issues will feature a different artist followed by a rotating art teams per arc.
  2. Each of the first 4 issues will feature one of Sonic’s classic allies. 
  3. Tracy Yardley’s art will be featured on one of the covers.

Miles “Tails” Prower, Sonic’s best friend, will be featured in the first issue, leaving 3 slots open for other classic allies to fill, but who will they be?! Sonic’s friendly nemesis, Knuckles, and his biggest fan, Amy Rose, seem the most likely candidates, but I am not so sure about the 4th! Silver? Shadow? Blaze? Big? The possibilities are endless? What is your guess?! Let us know in the comments below!

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