Welcome to Sonic Source!

Hello Everyone,

My name is Nich and I have been a Sonic fan since way back in 2nd grade in 1996. I loved playing the games back on SEGA Genesis, but what really got me hooked on to the Blue Blur were the Archie comic series. In the twenty some years that followed, one of the only constants in my life was my love of Sonic and my growing comic collection. Like many others, I was devastated when I heard that the Archie series was cancelled and in such an unceremonious fashion. It was like a part of my childhood had died. It was a tough few months before the huge announcement that IDW was going to pick up the license and create a brand new Sonic comic! Eager to scratch my Sonic itch, I have decided to start a blog and combine my meager talent for writing with my passion for Sonic, hence Sonic Source is born!

I plan to use this platform to discuss, review, breakdown, and analyze the newest offering from IDW coming this April. I really want to pass the goodness that is Sonic onto the next generation and foster growth in the community. I know Sonic has a passionate and dedicated fandom, so I sincerely hope I can win your support! I am happy to not just write my views, but have a conversation with other fans.

Since IDW Sonic is still months from hitting shelves, I hope to stoke the fires of the hype train and start some discussion on how the new comic is shaping up and what we hope to see from this new iteration! I am looking forward to starting with what I think will be the fate of the Freedom Fighters.

Gotta Speed,


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